Sick of being an afterthought?

You need their insights for your segment. But the last thing on a coach or athlete's mind is talking to the press. They're not out to give a tidy summation of their experience. They're out to win.

How do you get to the real insights? How do you find what they say when nobody's watching? And how do you get ahold of them without dialing down through the parent organization?

SportsPlaya is a dedicated social media channel for sports pros, and an amazing tool for reporters. With a ''Follower'' profile, you can tap into networks of coaches and athletes in your area. Hear them talk in their own terms about the sports they love, and nothing else.

It's not always easy to get ahold of athletes or coaches for an interview. You may feel out of place going to an athlete's personal social media. You can try them after the game, but the postgame interviews start to sound routine after a while. And new reporters can struggle to get in touch with coaches. Calls that start with the school receptionist are less likely to finally reach the coach. Or, for local teams, you may feel like an intruder calling a coach at his day job.

When you reach out to coaches and athletes on Sports Playa, they know it's going to be about the game and are more likely to open up. SportsPlaya breaks down the barriers between sports figures and newer reporters and bloggers who may not be able to just dial up the coach they need to talk to.

Also, when you follow a sports figure on SportsPlaya, you may get great content you didn't even have to ask for. The athletes that are on SportsPlaya are looking to get discovered by coaches and teams. To fill out their profiles, they publish content about their game, their training, the things they've learned - anything to do with the game. It's all yours to broadcast, with their permission.

SportsPlaya is the fast lane to all the local contacts you need. When it comes time to report, just log in and see what's new. If nothing's there and you want to dig a little deeper, arrange for your interviews right there on the site.

SportsPlaya will lead to a deeper understanding of the sports pros that make your local scene great. You'll make better reports, streamline the interview process, and get a social feed that's focused on sports.