You might have been there before. You hear the name of an impressive-sounding athlete in your area. You go to regular social media to scope them out, but the privacy settings are too tight. You don't want it to seem like you're coming out of the blue, so you let it go. Or you go to their professional social network page, but it's all about their day job.

Social media just hasn't been the arena for your sports connections - until now.

SportsPlaya is a new site which focuses on coaches and athletes. See the performance side of the players in your area - and nothing more. The athletes build their profiles in hopes that someone like you will come along, so you can reach out to them with confidence. What better place to look for new talent than a site where everybody's looking to be discovered?

SportsPlaya also connects you to the traditional media. Local news broadcasts frequently look for insights from coaches to fill their sports segments. Here they can get your info without going through your parent organization. This information is secure and for their eyes only.

Or, be the media! Post any kind of video on your page, whether it be the latest play for your team members, or a behind-the-scenes video for your fans. Post scores, and tell the world the stories behind them. Your athletes will love the social proof!

The white-collar world is full of sites meant for people to connect on a professional level. But when it comes to our true passions, we're left without a platform to professionally connect - until now.

Even if you're happy with your current network, we encourage you to give SportsPlaya a shot. It's completely free and it's a great way to keep track of your accomplishments as a coach, should the time come to change your scene.

Building a squad from the ground up? You can also make a profile as a team and recruit your members right from the site. If you've never coached but always thought you had it in you, SportsPlaya is the perfect opportunity to make those dreams happen and document the entire process.

Whether you've coached for decades or have yet to coach a game, SportsPlaya will let more people know about the way you play. Don't leave your recruitment efforts to the random chance of your geographical area. With SportsPlaya, you can skip the filler and scout with purpose.

It's your resume, your scrapbook, TV channel, and scouting center all in one. And it's all free. Get your profile started today. The one who finds it may be your team's next ace in the hole.