You wouldn't have got where you are today without the help of your network. Some athletes only ever grow with the teams they join. But the ones who live the game look for every chance they can to build their skills, train from a different viewpoint, and share their every experience that shapes who they are as athletes. So, they build up, branch out, and broadcast.

Unfortunately, networking can mean a lot of people coming together at cross purposes.

Traditional professional networking sites don't have a large sports presence. They're also a bit too rigid for those who want to showcase their performances in the amateur arena. And traditional social media isn't a good place to approach someone cold. (Talk about cross purposes!)

So, we built a platform that's as focused as the place where you train. Whether you're a coach, athlete, or reporter, this is for the ones who want to put more of their screen time into the game. Our users are surprised at the talent and insights they discover in their home court.

SportsPlaya is where:

  • Athletes connect, train, and talk about their game
  • Coaches and managers can scout, schedule, and pass along important news
  • Reporters can get the scoop without chasing people down
  • Fans can enjoy a fan scene where their favorites are right there with them


Whatever your game and wherever your scene, we believe that they deserve to have as lively a following as the pros. The way that will happen is through information: airing We believe in you.


Phillip Bellifemine


Phillip always knew that athletes were the ones having the real fun. But in the corporate Australia, he determined, the ones writing the software were the ones having the fun. That's why he broke out and built his software development company from the ground up.

For six years, Phillip managed a small team of six software developers. When you care about a product as he did, you do everything from ordering to advertising to quality control. It was a wild, risky ride that led to the reward of SportsPlaya - and winning feels good!

Phillip is the guy you see on all the special teams - ready to take on tasks relating to the things he knows, and learn about the things he doesn't.He owes his progress to a visionary mindset and a little practice at delegating; teamwork is universal.

We're scouting! If you're a sports fan with UX skills and the desire to build out and up, have a chat with us. Catch the contagious energy that athletes crave and go one to do what you love while bringing folks together.